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Atlas F
Atlas F is one of the SOTECO FOAM foam. Being a closed-cell polymeric foam, Atlas Foam F features very low thermal conductivity and water absorption. Thanks to a very fine cellular structure,and a peculiar chemical nature, Atlas Foam F takes up a very low amount of resin during sandwich production, and offers a very good adhesion to GRP skins in the same time (good peeling properties). Atlas Foam F can be efficiently used in all standard industrial processes like hand lay-up, vacuum infusion, RTM. Atlas Foam F has a higher styrene resistance than PVC, Further tomechanical performance low environmental impact and worldwide material availability characterize our product. 
Chopped Strand Mat--For General Application
It is made from fiberglass chopped strands bonded with powder binder or emulsion binder. The width can be 100~3400mm. It is used primarily for hand-lay-up process, filament winding process and press molding of FRP products. Suitable for epoxy resin, polyester resin and vinyl resin. Widely used in the car roof, bathroom accessory, pipe, building materials, automobiles, furnitures and other FRP products.
Woven Roving
The fabrics are made of E-glass roving by plain or twill weaving style. Compatible with polyester, epoxy and vinyl resins. It is widely used to produce surfboards, boat hulls, FRP containers, swimming pools, car bodies, sailboards, FRP flat panels, FRP pipes as well as other FRP products.